Pink MOP Mosaic Tiles Pink Shell Tiles Square Chips


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  • Made of 100% natural shell. 100% Eco-friendly building material.
  • Super moisture resistance due to its zero water absorption rate.
  • Extraordinary beauty with natural pearl luster,guaranteed beautiful decoration effect.
  • Small in size,light in weight,easy to cut and install.
  • Wide usage as interior wall tiles,sometimes floor tiles in kitchen bathroom living room,column surround,fireplace surround,ceiling,furniture surface,swimming pool,mirror frame,skirting,also commercial projects like hotels,villas,bars,luxury stores,yachts,spas,beauty salons,restaurants,etc.

Item details:

  • 100% Natural color,made of American imported pink shell.
  • Chip size: optional,most customers choose 20×20 mm
  • Sheet size:around 300×300 mm (12X12 inches),thickness 2~3 mm.
  • Surface Finish: Polished smooth.
  • Backing material: nylon mesh, if you need other backing materials like ceramic tile, MDF, magnesium board, acrylic tile, please inquire.
  • Sold by sheet, listed price is per sheet.
  • Photo shown is for reference only. Final product might be slightly different because it’s 100% natural. We will control the color difference in one production batch.


  • 1 square meter=11 sheets. 1 sheet=1 square foot.
  • We suggest that you order 1 sheet more in case of shortage during installation. If your project area is 8.8 square meters, then order 8.8X11+1=97.8≈98 sheets. Similarly, if your total area is 88.8 square feet then order 88.8+1=89.8≈90 sheets.

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